UV Protection Cleaners

Types of UV Protection

  • Indoor air quality Coil Sterilization – “stick bulb” light installed inside the return air duct near that sterilizes the air handler coil. A coil sterilization UV light runs 24/7 and is the most common type of HVAC UV light. It is also most reasonably priced. The Lights main purpose is to clean the surface of an object.
  • Air Sterilization – A complete UV light unit that cleans air that is in motion. The UV light is installed on the return air duct, and activates on when the systems blower fan receives voltage
    • Sanuvox is a quality manufacturer of these types of systems. (click Sanuvox for more info)

Studies Show Results

A couple of different studies show the effective result of UV lighting in killing mold and bacteria, one in hospitals and the other in a HVAC system.


Most of all  stick light bulbs are estimated to last in a range of about 9000 hours, or 1 year. Replacement bulbs cost about $70-$180 ( depending on unit, and contractor). Replace the bulb during each annual HVAC service and maintenance. Depending on the location of the bulb, this is usually and effortless task

Indoor Air Quality 

While HVAC UV lights are effective for killing mold, bacteria, germs and odors, make sure you have completed the indoor air quality basics:

  • Seal air ducts during renovation or construction*
  • Install ducts in conditioned space*
  • Ensure air-tight ducts, sealing all joints with mastic.
  • Install high-MERV filters, but be sure your HVAC system is designed for the higher static pressure of better filtration
  • Install UV light in HVAC system
  • Have regular maintenance performed
  • Changing filters monthly
  • Cleaning the coils annually, (both coils)

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UV ProtectionUltraviolet Treatment

  • Control mold and bacteria
  • Reduce colds and flus – germs are not re-circulated by HVAC system
  • Reduce smells / odors
  • Remove VOCs
  • Most effective in humid climates than dry climates
  • Reduces clogging in condensate drain lines by preventing algae growth.
  • Maintain a cleaner coil, improving cooling efficiency and reducing electricity costs.


  • Sanuvox (air sterilization, coil sterilization)
  • Guardian Air / REME (coil sterilization)
  • Fresh-Aire (Triatomic Environmental) (coil sterilization)
  • Honeywell – (coil sterilization) Be sure to pick the new model lamps
  • Lennox Healthy Climate (coil ,air )