How do humidity levels affect us?

Properly Managing our home levels are very important..Excessive amount of  humidity can cause an increase in pollutants such as:  mold, bacteria, and viruses that can activate respiratory health issues. Not enough in our homes can cause noses to bleed, skin irritation, difficulty breathing and static electricity.

Maintain a Healthy Balance

humidity systemsIf you are concerned with levels in your home, check it regularly with a Digital Monitor. Monitoring products will help you measure not only indoor humidity, but indoor temperature as well. If your suspicions are true, Autumn Air provides products to help you stay comfortable in your home!

LOW Humidity Level

Less than 25% RH

Levels are low compare to the most temperatures outside. This will create dry indoor climate.

GOOD Humidity Level

Between 25% – 55% RH

Level is Good relative to the temperature. This makes for a comfortable Home.

HIGH Humidity Level

Over 55% RH

Level is excessive in relation to the outdoor temperature. This makes for a wet, humid, smelly home.